Music "Two" Your "Ears"    DJ Entertainment
Fun and Good times is what We are all about!

     Welcome to "Music Two Your Ears", Entertainment site.  20 years of experience, specializing in making your special day, "Extra Special".  


     We are capable of carrying out tasks that others can only wish; if you should desire.  All event, Small and Large, at a very affordable service fee.  Smaller service begins at $300.00 at a four hour flat rate, during off peak Seasons, Monday thru Thursday and Sunday.  $400.00 flat rate during peak seasons which are June, July, August and December on Friday and Saturdays.

     We have available sound systems to match the the fewest of guests, or as many as 1000 guests.  No one size fits all here, You have choices to match your individual needs.  Slide montage, Karaoke, Music Video and Standard music is offered in the most popular genres.  Service is complete with Hosting or Master of Ceremonies.  Call or E-mail for more Info.

Music "Two" Your "Ears"

    Don't let anyone tell you about the service choice you should make, "Now you can see for yourself".  Our pictures are worth a thousand words.  Our service does not like to talk about it, we are about it.  Backing that statement with pride and professionalism. We are more than just a fancy tuxedo, we dress everything for the occasion. 

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